Date(s) Major Developments(s)
April 1982 Taiwell Co.,Ltd. established.
July 1984 Head plant in Kuantian has began build.
April 1986 Kuantian Head plant has build completely,with casting,rolling and finishing equipment.
March 1988 Second-period expansion with adding cold rolling mill No.1 and helding completion ceremony.
January 1991 Introduce into 5S and official announcement of the TPM activity.
March 1997 Third-period expansion with adding cold rolling mill No.2, Grinding machine and Brilliant annealing furnace.
February 2001 Introduce into Total Production Management(TPM).
January 2004 Update the ERP system.
January 2007 Introduce into Total Quality Management 1(TQM1).
February 2007 Undergo phase IV expansion with Kuantian Second plant,including update casting equipment. Adding No.3 cold rolling mill and finishing equipment. The Annual production capacity is 100,000ton.
December 2009 Kuantian Second plant held completion ceremony and started producing.
May 2011

Introduce into Total Quality Management 2(TQM2)

December 2012 Total Quality Management 2(TQM2) activity is completed.

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